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Dupont Corian

Click here for Corian Solid Surface Colours

DuPont™ Corian® solid surface comes in a variety of hues, tones, and colors for every design sensibility and application, from home kitchen remodeling projects to upscale restaurant design.

DuPont™ Corian® solid surface can be whatever your design imagination commands it to be. Nonporous and stain-resistant, Corian® is easy to clean, making it as ideal a surface for healthcare environments as it is for home kitchens and baths. It’s also durable and easy to renew, because the color runs all the way through the material. You’ll find the myriad colors of Corian® solid surface in the finest homes, offices, hospitals and schools.

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Click here for Meganite Colours

Meganite® is a high quality acrylic resin solid surface product often used as a low-cost alternative to Dupont Corian® in a wide variety of residential and commercial building and renovation applications.

  • Meganite’s® nonporous nature protects it from moisture damage and stains, and makes it easy to clean quickly with soap and warm water, or an ammonia-based cleaner.
  • The countertops do not require an extra sealant or periodic re-sealing.
  • Meganite® is durable and impact-resistant. Its solid construction doesn’t separate like laminates or crack easily like granite. Light surface buffing can usually remove minor scratches, scuffs and other blemishes without harming the finish.
  • Meganite’s® construction and uniform color and texture makes virtually seamless replacement of damaged pieces possible.
  • Meganite® has a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Click here for Avonite Colours

Avonite solid surface products provide an ideal surface for countertops and any worktops in your home or business. Avonite surfaces are hygienic due to no-porous surface and are resistant to heat, stain and scratches. It also offers flexibility in term of sculpting and shaping into any design that you desire.

The stylish, durable and easy to clean surface comes in many different colors and designs. Their studio collection includes recycled product inspired by concrete, glass and metal materials.

Avonite solid surface is GreenGuard certified. It has low chemical which improves the air quality in where the product is used.


Click here for LG HI-MACS Colours

Exceptionally versatile for all manner of applications, HI-MACS® is available in extraordinary array of colors or any other shade through its color-matching technology. Whether you’re searching for bold, translucent, exotic texture, recycled material and beyond, our unique product lines have it all.


Click here for Samsung Staron Colours

Think the kitchen in your dreams looks good? Wait until you’re sitting in it. That’s the beauty of Staron® Solid Surfaces; they let you go wherever your imagination takes you, turning ambitious designs into fully-functional kitchens and bathrooms. Staron® Solid Surfaces are made of 100% durable acrylic material and are extremely versatile. Add their hygienic qualities and you can see why Staron® Solid Surfaces are so often the top choice for commercial spaces, medical applications and food service and preparation countertops.


Click here for Wilsonart Solid Surface Colours

Available in more than 50 striking colors and patterns, Wilsonart® Solid Surface offers design versatility,renewability and easy maintenance, while inviting dynamic shapes, elegant inlays, and a nearly limitless offering of custom design options for your commercial projects.

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