Custom Architectural Commercial Millwork & Installation

Commercial – Servery and Kitchenette

Laminate Kitchen with Granite Countertop

Laminate Kitchen

Wilsonart Studio Teak laminate kitchen with Kashmere White granite countertop  

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Laminate Kitchenette

Plam Kitchenette

Office plastic laminate kitchenette with postformed laminate countertop.  D-Pull handles and 2 microwave cabinets

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Trinity College Servery and Barn Doors

Willsens provided the millwork for the Trinity College servery renovation.  Included in the millwork package was 2 sliding wood barn doors complete with surround.  The servery featured stone countertops, tile inlay fronts and backs, glass and stainless steel components as well as  custom stained wood accents.

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Kitchenette, Wall Panels, Doors & Frames

Kitchenette, Wall Panels, Doors & Frames

Flat cut maple kitchenette, wall panels, doors and frames, all stained to match.

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Cash Pedestal

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Canada Colours Lounge

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Servery – Bar

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Nurses Association Servery

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CTV Commissary

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Valleyview Kitchen

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CTV Business Network News Servery

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Honeywell Canada Servery

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